Spunbonded Non-woven

DuPont SF40

Dupont SF 40 is a nonwoven, spunbonded, polypropylene geotextile that meets the following Minimum Average Roll Values (MARV).

Property Test Method Value
Grab Tensile Strength (lbs) ASTM D 4632 130
Elongation (%) ASTM D 4632 >50
Trapezoid Tear (lbs) ASTM D 4533 60
Puncture (lbs) ASTM D 4833 41
Mullen Burst (psi) ASTM D 3786 140
AOS (U.S. Sieve no.) ASTM D 4751 70
Permittivity (sec-1) ASTM D 4491 0.8
Permeability (cm/sec) ASTM D 4491 .04
Vertical Water Flow Rate (gal/min/sf) ASTM D 4491 60
UV Stability (%) ASTM D 4355 70

Roll Sizes

  • 150” x 300’, 417 sy, 120 lbs
  • 204” x 300’, 567 sy, 150 lbs

DuPont SF49

Geotextile Specifications DuPont SF Styles

 DuPont SF Geotextiles are nonwoven, spunbonded, continuous filament polypropylene that meet the following Minimum Average Roll Values (MARV).  DuPont’s spunbonded process gives these geotextiles excellent fiber distribution.  This means you get extremely uniform weight and physical properties which translate into Consistent Quality.  Get the best.  Get DuPont SF.