Butyl Seal Tape (TP2BR)

Butyl seal is a double-sided reinforced aggressive black butyl rubber tape used to join panels of polyethylene and polypropylene together by overlapping the edges and applying Butyl Seal in between.  It is also used to adhere to concrete walls and footings when properly prepared.  Butyl Seal is non-hardening and flexible.

Available in 2” x 50’ roll.



 FRS R25B Single Sided Elastomeric Tape

R25B Tape is a single-sided aggressive synthetic elastomeric adhesive that bonds instantly to properly prepared polyethylene and polypropylene.  The black polymer backing and adhesive is specially formulated to provide years of performance even in direct sunlight.  A poly release liner provides for ease of installation.

Available in a 4” x 100’ roll.