Coir Fiber Logs


East Coast Erosion Blankets’ EC Wattle is an excellent best management practice device for the minimization of accelerated

erosion and the resulting sedimentation. The EC Coir Log or called Wattle is made from coir fiber and bound by coir twinethat has a high tensile strength and an installed functional longevity of twoyears. Coir wattles are made with 100% natural organic fiber and are free ofsynthetic netting or chemical additives. Coir wattles absorb 150-200% water by weight without experiencing physical property alterations and are ideal for

water-associated stream bank, lakeshore and coastal restoration and protection projects. Coir wattles are totally biodegradable and convert into mulch that improves the organic composition of the soil. Coir wattles are flexible and are easily installed.

EC Coir Wattles are ideal for perimeter control of sediment-laden runoff from construction projects. They can also be used on steep slopes to reduce slope length and do not need to be removed after completion of the project, as they are 100% biodegradable. Similarly, they can be
used as check dams in waterways and swales and provide an excellent growing medium for plants within the channel. They are the optimal best management practice choice for restoring eroded stream banks, lake shores and coastal areas. They can be installed at the toe of slope of the eroded banks and shorelines and resist the forces of velocity and waves. As a stream bank restoration device, they capture upslope eroded soils, as well as sediment dropped out during high flow conditions.

The trapped sediment, along with the coir wattle provides an excellent growing medium for the establishment of riparian zone
vegetation. Plant plugs can be installed directly into the coir wattle to promote quicker establishment of vegetation. Refer to
the East Coast Erosion Blankets’ EC Wattle installation guidelines for perimeter control, slope length reduction and check dams