Landscape Fabric Battle Drain

Linq Landscape Fabric-Woven/with Fiber

Linq LSF is a specially designed landscape fabric which provides superior performance over existing products for controlling weeds in landscape applications. This fabric, with a fi ber woven into it, provides blockage of sunlight yet allows the soil to breathe & permits water to pass into the ground.

The "fuzzy" texture of this material makes it hold bark chips or other mulch on steep areas where it would normally slide off regular plastic or cheaper "non-woven" landscape fabrics.

Empire Landscape Fabric-SpunbondSeptic Field Trench Drain Cover

Empire Landscape Fabric is made of non-woven spunbonded polypropylene with UV inhibitors. Strong enough to block weeds, yet porous enough to allow moisture, fertilizers and air to fl ow through the fabric.

Plus, the spun material is durable, tear-resistant, won't rot or mildew, is designed to prevent unraveling, black in color to block light intrusion, and is easy to install. Ideal for use under mulched landscape areas, in garden beds, plant and pot liners, under decks, under brick/block patios and walks. Available in colorful display cartons and pallets.

Battle DrainDrainage Board

Linq's Battle Drain is a one-sided drainage composite. The core is com-posed of a co-extruded material with a high-impact polystyrene center sandwiched between an upper & lower layer of high density polyethylene.

The result is a product possessing high compressive strength, excellent creep resistance & superior fl ow capacity, while inherently more resistant to chemical degradation.Battle Drain is economical for use in moderate confi ning pressure drainage applications, including foundation & retaining walls. Install with the core against the wall & fabric against the fi ll material.