Gabion Baskets - Galv. or PVC

Soil erosion is an ever present problem & gabions have proven to be a long lasting solution to prevent erosion & reclaim land already eroded. Common applications for gabion baskets are retaining walls, revetments, channel lining, weirs, river works & sea walls.Modular gabions are made of 3"x3" welded steel wire mesh in various lengths, widths, & heights.

Gabions are available with a galvanized or PVC coating. Modular gabion systems feature a preformed steel wire spiral binder used to assemble & interconnect empty gabions. Spiral binders all but eliminate time consuming hand lacing.

Baskets can be filled using 4" to 8" diameter stone. All gabions conform to ASTM A974-97 & are PA Dot Approved Section 626.2 (Listed as C.E. Shepard Company, Houston, TX.)