PlastaFlex®lG PlastaFlex® FG

PlastaFlex IG

Industrial Grade Geomembrane

PlastaFlex IG was developed for many environmental applications including landfills, canals, ponds, and other containment purposes. This geomembrane is formulated to withstand UV rays, atmospheric pollutants, and harsh chemicals commonly found in industrial settings.

PlastaFlex IG offers excellent layflat and squareness characteristics.

PlastaFlex IG is available in gray, and other colors can be manufactured upon request in 10, 20, or 30-mil thicknesses.

PlastaFlex IG meets PGI-1104 and ASTM D7176 requirements.

PlastaFlex FG

Fish Grade Geomembrane

PlastaFlex FG was developed for fisheries, aquaculture, decorative and recreational fish ponds, and landscaping applications.

PlastaFlexFG offers unsurpassed flexibility and tensile strength. This geomembrane is easily installed in irregularly-contoured areas with excellent layflat and squareness characteristics.

The standard thickness of PlastaFlex FG is 30 mils (0.030 inches) and other thicknesses can be manufactured upon request.


  • Fisheries
  • Hatcheries
  • Food processing